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Since Alexis and I have been together he’s been getting more and more into cooking. As he loves sushi I thought that for his birthday we’d go to a sushi making class. It was fantastic, and I’d recommend anyone living in London who enjoys cooking to go to Suzu’s in Hammersmith for its 2 hour class. It was relaxed and inspiring and well I walked out knowing how to make maki sushi, nigiri sushi and californian rolls. We made a total of 24 pieces each so ate about half whilst there and had the rest for dinner.

I’m not going to go into how they were all made as I think I will try making them at home again as I want to try and be creative and fill them with yummy ingredients.

Apparently there’s a famous Japanes fishmonger called Atari-ya who has the freshest fish for sushi so I’ll go there to get some of my ingredients. In the coming weeks, if you’re interested in making sushi watch out for my next few blogs 🙂 I think the biggest challenge will be getting the rice right…