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So I’ve done my shopping for Live Below the Line! After months of discussing what to buy I finally came up with my list but sadly wasn’t able to get my tuna in oil (I was going to use the oil to cook) and frozen vegetables for 65p but it all came to less than I’d calculated so I’ve still got some money to spend and will hopefully come across my all important veg!

So here it is and all for £3.88!


I won’t Live Below the Line until the 3rd May but I’m on holiday and this was the only time I had to go shopping before then. So with £3.88 spent and hopefully 1kg of frozen vegetables at 65p I’ll have 47p to spend during the week. I’ll be blogging about my meals during the week and the experience of living on such a restricted amount of food and try to come up with soe interested recipes…

To find out more visit https://www.livebelowtheline.com/uk-christianaid