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I have to confess that this week I haven’t done a lot of cooking. I have hardly been home let alone near my kitchen. I did however have lovely lunches, one of which was shared with at least 5 of my colleagues. It was a perfect lunch club lunch where we all got to sit down and share our food.

 It started off with my return from France and a suitcase full of smelly cheese, cornichons, saucissons, wine, mustard, paté and quite a few other yummy things. I brought so much cheese back that I halved it all and brought it into work along with some saucissons, paté and cornichons. I invited everyone from my team to join me for lunch and enjoy the French goodies, on one condition, that everyone was to bring something along. We ended up with a fantastic feast.

With the sun coming out and the weather being so beautiful I think it’s the perfect way to spend your lunch break. You don’t have to bring back cheese from France, all you need do is bring in a couple of things and share. Why not get a blanket and go find a park to sit in and I promise it’ll help your working day go by (you might even get to start working on that tan!).


Cornichons (French gherkins that I’ve never been able to find anywhere else but France)