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My parent’s garden in France was beautiful and full of springtime flowers this weekend. There were loads of violets and so I thought I would try making frosted violets. I had no idea how to make them and so asked my mum. She said that she thought they were made with egg whites and sugar. So there I went picking the purplest violets I could find. I have to say they all thought I was a little mad but were quite impressed with the end result.

So what you will need is one egg white, sugar and violets. I slightly beat the egg white and then made sure to cover each violet in egg. I then sprinkled the flower with sugar making sure that they were completely covered in sugar. Now you need to do each violet at a time, that is cover it in egg white and then sugar, have a plate ready to put the flowers on and leave them to dry.

My grandmother came over for lunch the next day and brought dessert (a cake and mini meringues) so we decorated the cake with the violets, a nice touch. It’s a fantastic home-made way of making pretty dessert decorations and gives it that little extra touch.