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 I wanted to go to Brick Lane this weekend to try and see if I could buy some cheap sugar, spices and other things for when I do Live Below the Line. Unfortunately the market’s only open on a Sunday and I wasn’t able to go. So instead Alexis and I went to Borough market, for those of you who have been you will know that it is nothing like the market at Brick Lane let alone the prices. But I was able to make quite a yummy dish in the end without it costing us too much money. 

We bought a handful of clams, 4 king prawns and some purple mushrooms I usually pick when I’m in France. We had them for lunch on Sunday but I didn’t have any cream or white wine, what I would usually use to cook clams. So I raided the fridge and found some pickled chillies and philadelphia (cream cheese).

I cut up the two chillies, fried them with butter, crushed garlic and the mushrooms. Once the mushrooms were browned I added the king prawns. In a separate pan I put a glass of water and added the clams, a tablespoon of philadephia and some mixed herbs and covered the pan. Once the clams where cooked, this only takes a few minutes, I decided to add the clams (with all the liquid) in with the mushrooms and prawns and in a minute, ta-da it was ready! We boiled some new potatoes but I think some noodles would go better with this dish. This was easy peasy and is a sure pleaser.