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This was a new one for me last night. I fancied drinking some Prosecco but was cooking pork loin which I usually use white wine for. But I thought what the heck why not use Prosecco! I brought the leftovers to my lunch club today and it got the thumbs up which is always a good sign for me.

What you will need:
1 pork loin
Bottle of Prosecco
1 onion
2 cloves of garlic
Afew spring onions
A nice dollop of golden syrup (or honey)
1 cinnamon stick
1 vegetable stock
2 handfuls of mushrooms
A few twigs of thyme

A side of new potatoes and green salad

I cooked it in my pressure cooker but you can probably cook in a pot roast style in the oven or one the hob. I started by goldening the sliced onions and the pork loin before adding in some crushed garlic and some chopped spring onions. I then added a nice dollop of golden syrup (because I’d run out of honey) over the pork. I then popped the cork and added about a glass of Prosecco and a cinnamon stick. I also used one vegetable stock cube with a glass of boiling water, some chopped mushrooms and thyme from my hanging basket. Then all you need to do is put the lid on and cook it for about 30 minutes. I boiled some new potatoes to go with and had a salad on the side. (if you’re not using a pressure cooker check your pot from time to time to make sure it has enough liquid, if not add as necessary).

I know it’s an unusual sounding dinner and lunch but one that was quite tasty. You can of course like most my meals mix and jazz it up with any other ingredients you might have in your fridge or cupboard.

Why don’t you try it out and let me know how it goes. Bon appetit