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A lunch club across two continents, linking two friends together through their love of food and good company. We will be sharing recipes and tips on how to make good food whilst saving money and making friends at work. Through MELANDJOYTHELUNCHCLUB you will get snippets of our lives, Joy works for a consultancy agency in Chicago and Mel works for a charity in London. Our lives are very different but food is one of our common links. We COOK and we LOVE IT.

We try and meet twice a year in different places around the world. During our trip to Amsterdam in October we started talking about food (surprise!) and realised that we both have lunch clubs at work and they had so many things in common. We take proper breaks from our desks at lunch, save money as we don’t buy a sandwich every day, only bring food in every other day and become the talk of the kitchen with our yummy lunches. It’s great fun and it can’t be bad if it’s healthy (well, not always) and saves you money!

Mel and Joy